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Artist Statement   


The controllable:

As a maker I am heavily influenced by my daily activities and experiences. My work in fashion is always led by my desire for what I need functionally mixed with design aspects that instill qualities of strength. I think of clothing as everyday protection both physically and emotionally. This is how we as humans control our visceral, vulnerable bodies. My current projects involve reflective wear for cyclists and motorcyclists.  Reflective material for me is like the idea of a deer in headlights; it’s ones body reacting against a threat. My layered work acts as an exoskeleton or further layer of skin protection (literal & figurative). I also believe that material can carry history and through the use of upcycling, meaning can be infused in to the clothing that we put on our bodies. Sustainability practices are utilized in my work when possible and these help to enrich my relationship with the clothing I put on my body because I believe in taking responsibility for what we decorate our bodies with. Clothing is a part of the visual story that we are telling to the world.



The uncontrollable:

My other artistic work is influenced by what I can’t control, my visceral body. My drawings and sculptural work explore the imaginative side of coping with the fact that we are just vulnerable flesh filled sacks that want protection but also love and affection.

Fermented Fruit by Eli Borrowman

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